Project: Mixed Reality Live Presentation for Vantalks 2018

Connor Goglin created a Unity-based Mixed Reality (MR) virtual environment for Dene Grigar's "We are 1 and We are 0: What Virtual Reality May Mean for Ourselves and Our Future", talk at Vantalks 2018. The project utilized a stereo camera, as well as a VR headset and motion controllers, in order to composite the interactive virtual world overlay on top of the live video footage in a real-time environment to an audience of hundreds.


Connor Goglin is a college-level 3d art and game development instructor, who has worked as adjunct faculty at Portland Community College and Washington State University Vancouver. Courses taught include:

  • Character Modeling and Animation - PCC 2017
  • Game Engines and Platforms - WSUV 2018
  • 3d Environment Design and Creation - PCC 2018
  • Introduction to Immersive Technologies (AR, VR, MR) - WSUV 2018