Project: Kaegi's VR Pharmacy

Kaegi's Virtual Pharmacy is an immersive virtual reality experience created for the Museum of the Oregon Territory, located in Oregon City. The project immerses the player in an accurate recreation of a 1930s pharmacy, and gives them the freedom to interact with authentic recreations of pharmaceuticals and medical paraphernalia.

Connor Goglin was the technical director for the project, and was responsible for project's design, 3d asset creation, and programming.

Project: T1VR

Connor Goglin was the lead VR developer, 3d modeler and character animator on T1VR, a virtual reality project created at Washington State University Vancouver for the Columbia River Economic Development Council.

The project uses virtual reality and the Oculus Rift DK2 to immerse viewers in the fast-changing environment of the Vancouver waterfront. T1VR won the Grey Award at WSU's SURCA event in 2016 and was also presented on stage at the annual Vancouver Digital Technology Expo that year.